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Mary Bowling: An SEO Professional Spotlight

Since back in 2003, Mary Bowling has been a leading expert in a wide range of SEO aspects that drive today’s world of business. She’s a regular speaker at major conferences, providing tips and hacks around local search and internet marketing. Having been a co-founder of a renowned search engine consultancy brand and worked with multiple clients, Mary Bowling has accumulated a wealth of experience in all things SEO and internet marketing.

Mary’s Background in Search Engine Optimization

Mary is an expert in a wide array of areas revolving around digital marketing, especially from the perspective of small businesses. Apart from being an SEO practitioner, she has also been providing consultancy services and training on local search strategies to many businesses, small and large. From search engine workshops to training sessions and programs like Planet Ocean, Mary Bowling has been an influential figure in the world of search engine optimization for startups. Co-Founder – Since 2009

Alongside David Mihm and Patrick Sexton, Bowling is also a co-founder of, whose website currently redirects to Although it was sold to Moz Local in November 2012, was a platform where small business owners could attend seminars to help them understand how to manage internet marketing and SEO for themselves.

Author and Trainer

Mary is also a frequent contributor at blogs like Optimized, Search Engine News, and Sixth Man Marketing, among others. As seen in an expo on, she has been an influential author since 2008, with hundreds of pieces on Local Search across the internet. She was also a local search consultant at Optimized since 2008!

Local University – Since 2009

Mary has also been a long-time partner in the LocalU, another reputed forum providing educational internet marketing seminars to small businesses and search agencies. On her seminars at the NY-based Local University, Bowling offered training sessions on the most technical aspects of SEO in an easy-to-understand manner that even the novice internet marketer could understand.

Co-founder Ignitor Digital – Since 2013

Alongside Carrie Hill, Mary Bowling is also the co-founder of Ignitor Digital, a Colorado-based company specializing in a wide range of SEO services. From Google analytics to SEO audits, link building, email marketing, and much more, Ignitor Digital focuses on providing local search marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. As from January 2020, however, Mary Bowling and her counterpart Carrie have since moved to Sterling Sky Inc, a fully-fledged internet marketing Ontario-based company that was founded in 2017.

Publications Mary Has Appeared In

Mary bowling has also appeared in several publications, including the following:

  • Search Engine News
  • Search Engine Land
  • Sixth Man Marketing
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Clickz.Com
  • Optimized!

SEO Philosophy

Most of Bowling’s SEO efforts are focused on small and growing businesses. In her approach, she emphasizes the importance of educating the internet user as well as search engine crawlers with information about your business. With local search optimization properly done, it becomes easier for crawlers to locate your site and web users to find your business. It’s mostly about clearly telling your site visitors where your business is located and what you do as soon as they land on your website pages. This is why she insists on paying close attention to your business website, and even more attention to your meta descriptions and snippets. These factors together with page titles and other aspects of SEO help improve your rankings on search engines.

What Is Local SEO?

If your business has a physical address or provides goods and services in a particular geographic area, then you can definitely benefit from local SEO. It can be defined as a search engine optimization strategy that focuses more on improving a business’s visibility on local search results. It is based on the proximity factor in Google’s ranking algorithms, which prioritizes some search results based on geographic coverage.

When you optimize your business website for local search, it becomes easier for those seeking products and services related to your business nearby to find you. In most cases, it involves ensuring that your articles, blog posts, and web pages contain address and contact details alongside the services or products offered. It also involves listing this information on local online directories as well as building your links with authority blogs and sites in your local area. Social media marketing also gives your local SEO efforts a boost. Once you rank well locally, it is easier to expand your coverage regionally and even internationally. Local SEO is also a component of SEO for lawyers.

Current Projects

As hinted earlier, Mary Bowling recently left Ignitor Digital to join at Sterling, a leading local SEO agency. This was back in January 2020 when she (and her co-founder Carrie) was offered a lucrative position as a Local SEO Analyst at the Joy Hawkins-founded company.

Mary Bowling’s journey to success and her rich expertise in SEO are just exceptional. In the 17 or so years she’s been in the game, she has for sure inspired and helped change the lives of many entrepreneurs. Her professional services, training, and mentorship have helped many small businesses to grow wings and establish household names within their business territories.