Lawyers: Meet Your Match… Maker

We Help Law Firms Connect With The Best SEO Agencies on Earth

Law firm SEO agencies are rife with grandiose promises, but they all seem the same.  

Who can you really trust?

This is where I come in.  I will match your profile with the right agency best suited for your campaign.

Consider me your newly appointed digital marketing matchmaker..

What Is This All About?

It’s a safe bet that if an SEO agency specializing in law firms is in business, they’re biased towards their own service offerings. 

However, sometimes as a potential client, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Here’s why we are unbiased:  we don’t do SEO.

We are SEO professionals who match up law firms with qualified SEO agencies based on the particular needs of the client.

Consider us your “digital marketing matchmaker.”

What We Do

We match qualified law firms with the best lawyer marketing agencies.  Our criteria is based on the following 3 action items:

  • Campaign requirements
  • Budget
  • Personality

How The Engagement Works

Engaging with us is designed to be very simple.  And, the process is 100% free.

Here’s an overview:

Step 1.  Discovery Form

Step 2.  Interview

Step 3.  Find Agency Candidates

The first step in our engagement is we’ll need you to fill out our discovery form.  

The application is a vital component of our process.  We’ll ask you a few questions, as we’ll conduct an exhaustive analysis of your campaign.  You will receive a copy of this complimentary site video audit.

Next up is a phone interview.  Pencil in 30-60 minutes for our chat.  Here is where we’ll inquire about your business goals, previous agency experience, and related questions.

In the final step, we introduce you to your new agency referrals!

How Much Does It Cost?

Our service is 100% free of charge.

All audits and other assets created for you during your engagement are considered complementary.

Bridge The Gap

Like you, we grew quite tired of the SEO agency landscape.  Having a great deal of industry experience, we thought about opening an agency, too, but noticed a disturbing trend.  

Have you noticed there are some four dozen law firm search engine optimization agencies that basically claim to do the same thing?

How could a law firm possibly know who to trust?

That is why we decided against the agency business.  However, we have a passion for helping others succeed in local SEO.  Also, lawyer SEO is where we got our start.  In fact, our managing member was considered the main “fixer” for one of the largest attorney SEO agencies in the country.

They’d call him to fix their most troublesome clients, and he’d swoop in–sort of like Superman, sans the cape and telephone booth.

We’ve been at this for years.  We love transforming single lawyer start-ups into multi-location firms.  Our passion for you is still burning strong!

We thought long and hard of ways for us to make an honest living in the legal SEO space without having to be just “another one of them” but still maintain our credibility (which is everything!).

Then, it hit us: bridge the gap and be a strategic partner.

Transparency is key, and we’ll be straightforward.  We receive a flat-rate commission for each signed contract we refer.

Tell Me About Your Referral Partners

Outside of ourselves, our referral partners come with our highest recommendation.  Here’s why.

  • Marketing Budget

Budget is paramount.  We don’t want to even speak with an agency who doesn’t allocate a proper percentage towards resources (links, citations, etc) back into their clients. Without those assets, your site will not rank, especially in competitive locations.

  • Talent

A very close second is talent.  One closely held secret in the SEO industry is how poor the talent pool really is amongst employees.  All agencies we work with, big or small, must have proven results and training to be able to handle the campaigns we send them.  Case studies, internal ranking reports–we demand to see it.

  • Transparency

We want you to be treated with respect and not insulted with “positioning” tactics or unsavory sales strategies.  We want partners who will acknowledge the items that need addressed with the wins.

  • Account management

Deliverables aren’t enough.  Partners who go the extra mile–whether its after hours support or special reporting–they are the ones who show up on our radar.

You aren’t just a referral to us.  In fact, we will check up on you periodically to ensure your campaign is on the right track.  

We take our reputation very seriously and we know you do, too.  That’s why we strive for excellence when it comes to our strategic alliances.